First Presbyterian Church of Alvin
About Us
   In 1890, the First Presbyterian Church of Alvin had its beginning when a small group of Presbyterian families worshipped in a small Methodist church on the corner of Sidnor and Johnson Streets. With 19 charter members, the church was organized in 1892. Just two years later, 1984, a small sanctuary was built on the corner of Lang and Beauregard Streets. The huge beautiful trees we enjoy today were small oak trees set out by Maj. Lafayette Winston and his son, Jack. 

   The 1900 storm ripped off the steeple and it was never replaced. During that storm, huge amounts of lumber washed to the mainland from Galveston Island and members of the congregation hauled enough lumber in their wagons to construct a manse near the church which was occupied until a new manse was constructed on South Booth Lane in 1960. The old manse was sold in 2007 and moved to the Southeast corner of Lang and Durant Streets where it is being restored. 

   During the years between 1892 and 1950, the church struggled but never gave up. Part of that time, we were a mission church partly supported by the Presbytery. During the 1950's, when Rev. Cecil H. Smith was minister, the facilities were remodeled and an electric organ was purchased. Also, a gift was received from Hiram Moore for additional property on Lang Street which included a house and garage apartment. These buildings were used for Sunday School purposes for many years. The garage apartment began to deteriorate and was demolished. But the house is still in use by the Clothing Outlet as an outreach program. 

   In 1960, a new sancuary building was built on property purchased in 1954. Later a new educational building and fellowship hall were added. The newest addition was the purchase of the only remaining property on the block. This acquired property was renovated and is being used as the church office.    

   Throughout its 118 years of existence, First Presbyterian Church of Alvin has served the community with numerous outreach programs. Most of these programs are still conducted from our facility today.

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