First Presbyterian Church of Alvin
The Session is the spiritual leadership as well as the governing body of a congregation in the Presbyterian Church. The Session is made up of ordained Elders of the church who serve three year terms and chair the various committees of the church.
Church Officers


Class of 2013

Diane Collins

Dianne Murff

Faye Steckert

Jesse Frantz


Class of 2014

Pat Carpenter

Robert Escobedo

Nancy Williams

Susan Wages

Class of 2015

Anastasia Benedek

Herb Myers

Cindy Waggoner

Marsha Watkins

Lucile Beasley           Mike Case           David Gonzales

Pastor: Rev. Craig S. King, Sr.

Clerk of Session: Gina Ruskey

Church Treasurer: Dianne Murff         Asst. Treasurer: John Melenric

Financial Secretary: Marge Bates

Choir Director: Barbara Whitfield      Pianist: Debbie Benoist 

Church Staff

Nursery Attendant: Jill Wheatley         Custodian: Sheila Follmar

Church Secretary: Gina Ruskey
Committee Chairpersons
Building & Grounds - Jeff Benedek Congregational Life - Robert Escobedo
Education - Nancy Williams Ministry & Mission - Diane Collins
Stewardship & Finance - Joe Melenric Visitation - DianneMurff
Worship - Barbara Whitfield

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